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Principles of Product Management

Product management is an evolving career field within engineering management. Steeped in Agile and Lean methodologies, product managers can quickly learn the tools and techniques that support the efficient development of new products. However, it's also crucial to understand the principles of product management that

Are Product Managers In Demand?

A competitive market that drives the creation of increasingly complex products has also boosted the demand for skilled product managers. In the modern business world, talented product managers develop expertise in diverse disciplines, including product design, marketing, engineering, and leadership. It’s a set of skills

How to Advance Your Product Management Skills

Product managers play critical roles in the life cycle of new products. That basic description sounds simple enough. Nonetheless, conceptualizing, planning, pricing, launching, and marketing a viable product requires a broad array of product management skills. A fusion of technical, business, and soft skills make

Business Analytics and COVID 19: What Have We learned?

Driven to find better ways to manage operations during the economic challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders have increasingly turned to business analytics to better manage risk, fuel decision-making, and provide valuable insights into developing strategy. Business analytics has already provided the key

Why Should You Consider an MSA Degree?

A Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) greatly increases the chances of success for accountants who want to attain the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the field. The benefits of earning an MSA degree include enhanced career opportunities, the development of specialized skills, and

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