Pathway Bachelor Degree Completion

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Transfer up to 90 credits from prior college coursework or prior learning experiences (work experience or job training).

Prior College Coursework Credits

At least one (1) unofficial transcript is required to determine transfer credit eligibility. You can transfer up to 90 credits (xxx total credits required for graduation).

Prior Learning Experiences

Credit for Prior Learning (PL). Course credit may be granted for prior learning for a maximum of 16 possible credits. Credits for prior learning are only available to students enrolled in the Bachelor Degree Completion (BDC) Program out of the Office of Professional and Continuing Studies. Prior learning experiences that may be counted as course credit at Merrimack College include:


EMT Training. Professional licensure or certification where there is a body of knowledge and an official transcript made available.


Including Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Points (PDPs). Programs that issue CEUs or PDPs are programs that students participate in without offering college level credit yet nonetheless indicate that learning has taken place


State Licensures & Government Programs


Industry experience that aligns with BDC program outcomes


Pathway Bachelor Degree Completion Program

In all cases, the Academic Director of the BDC will make final assessments and, when appropriate, grant approval of prior learning for credit. When necessary, approvals may be made in consultation with appropriate faculty members on the BDC Learning Council.

Requirements Based On Four Types of Prior Learning (PL)

Merrimack College will require any of the following:

  • Official transcripts
  • Certification of Completion
  • Letter Written on the training spon’s letterhead outlining the content and connection to a body of knowledge

Merrimack College will require any of the following:

  • Copies of Certificates of Completion
  • Program Outline and Syllabus including assignments and deliverables
  • Other documentation that demonstrates a knowledge base and skill set equivalent to that of a college course

Merrimack College will require the following:

  • Copies of the license or certificate along with detailed description of how the knowledge base and skill merits college credit

Merrimack College will require the following:

  • Student prepared portfolio that outlines specific job competencies that are connected to program outcomes to demonstrate learning through on-the-job experiences.

Merrimack College Accolades

At Merrimack College, we’re proud of our long history of providing quality degrees to students entering the job market. Our faculty are more than just teachers. We are committed to helping you grow — academically, personally and spiritually — so that you may graduate as a confident, well-prepared citizen of the world.

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Pathway Bachelor Degree Completion Program