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Public Admin & Affairs

A young woman poses outside with her arms crossed in front of her.
Obtaining a graduate degree in Public Administration and Affairs can open up a world of opportunities for individuals seeking a fulfilling career in government service. These degrees provide a strong foundation in policy analysis, governance, and public management, equipping graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in a variety of government job roles. […]
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When it comes to pursuing a graduate degree in the field of public service, two popular options that often cause confusion are a Master’s in Public Affairs (MPA) and a Master’s in Public Administration (MPAdmin). While these programs share some similarities, they also have key differences in terms of focus, curriculum, and career outcomes. In […]
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Public administration and affairs professionals focus on improving the lives of others by developing and implementing programs that benefit their communities. It’s a critical job in a society that attracts people motivated to help ensure the public is well-served by its agencies. The online master’s degree in Public Administration and Affairs at Merrimack College is designed to […]