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Online Competency-Based M.Ed. & Graduate Programs for Teachers

Take the next step in your career by learning at your own pace. Earn your M.Ed. and Initial License, your add-on license, your Master’s Plus and more through our online competency-based programs. Progress through your studies according to your schedule with as much or as little support as you need.

Choose from nine programs:

If you are interested in learning more about our M.Ed. programs, please consider viewing one of our recent M.Ed. webinars.

For those looking for the full, campus-based experience, please click below for more details.

On-Campus Education Degrees

Pathway Bachelor Degree Completion

The Pathway Bachelor Degree Completion program has been designed to help professionals of all levels and backgrounds complete their college degree. Please click below for more information.

Pathway Bachelor Degree Completion

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Other Graduate Programs from Merrimack College

In addition to our Graduate Education programs listed above, you may also be interested in some additional Graduate Programs that Merrimack College offers:

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