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Graduate Business Certificates

Expand your skill set and your resume with a 12-credit graduate certificate from Merrimack College. 

Whether you’ve already completed a master’s degree or want exposure to graduate coursework that is transferable to a master’s program, Merrimack offers graduate certificates in business analytics, forensic accounting, human resource management, marketing, leadership, product management, finance, and taxation.

Quick facts:

  • 100 percent online or hybrid.
  • Tuition under $9,000.
  • Complete in as little as 24 weeks.
  • No experience needed.
  • No GRE or GMAT required.

Learn more about Merrimack’s graduate business certificates.

Girard School of Business Graduate Certificates Coursework

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics Certificate offers students the opportunity to develop foundational skills and competencies needed to extract decision-guiding insights from data. Students learn the core elements of data management, data preparation, statistical analysis, data visualization, and result interpretation and communication, in a hands-on, theory and application context. Course options include the following: 

  • Frameworks for Business Analytics (BAI 5100)
  • Strategic Decision-Making Using Business Analytics (BAI 5150)
  • Leveraging Competitive Advantage with Business Intelligence (BAI 5250)
  • Data Visualization & Storytelling (BAI 5200)
  • Data Governance, Compliance & Ethics (BAI 5220)
  • Introduction to Data Science and Statistics (DSE 5001)
  • R and Python Programming (DSE 5002)
  • Predictive Modeling (DSE 6111)

Forensic Accounting

Understanding and comprehending how to identify fraud when conducting an audit is part of the investigative action accountants take to help pinpoint deception or criminal activity. By completing the forensic accounting graduate certificate, students are introduced to topics around fraud examination, cybersecurity and tax fraud. The skills acquired will equip students with the tools needed to identify inaccurate reporting and fiscal malfeasance that can occur in organizations. The following courses are required to complete the certificate:

  • Accounting Ethics & Detecting Financial Crimes
  • AI & Cybersecurity for Business
  • Fraud Examination (ACC 5450)


The marketing certificate provides students with a comprehensive and analytical understanding of how marketing impacts business decisions. Students will gain insight into the marketing function and will be exposed to core elements such as digital and social media marketing, marketing analytics and strategy, and how aspects of marketing contribute to practices of management. The following courses are required to complete the certificate: 

  • Innovation & Trends in Marketing (MKT 5310)
  • Digital Marketing Implementation & Optimization (MKT 5320)
  • Driving Business Success with Marketing Analytics (MKT 5410)
  • Marketing Management & Strategy (MKT 5420)


The leadership certificate offers a dual-focused management approach that combines theories and strategies around managing individuals while encompassing what is best for an organization as a whole. Students are exposed to core elements of leadership such as ethics, motivation, creativity, vision, teamwork, managing teams, leading organizations through change, and understanding and managing stakeholders. Course options include the following:

  • Exploring Leadership Frameworks & Communication Strategies
  • Navigating Ethical Dilemmas (MGT 5220)
  • Driving High-Performing Organizations
  • Leading Teams in a Dynamic Environment
  • Cross-Cultural & Global Leadership
  • Negotiations & Conflict Resolution (MGT 5340)
  • Diversity & Inclusion (MGT 5350)


Understanding and comprehending the language of finance and business performance is essential for professionals at any level within an organization. Students are introduced to topics including quant and factor investing, corporate finance and other innovative trends in the finance industry. The skills acquired will equip students to make sound financial decisions that affect individual organizations and society as a whole. 

Choose 12 credits from the coursework below. Depending on the student’s background, Essentials of Finance and Foundations of Accounting (ACC 5050) may be required. 

  • Corporate Finance & Valuation (FIN 5410)
  • Trends & Innovation in Finance (FIN 5420)
  • Quant & Factor Investing (FIN 5430)
  • Quantitative Methods & Financial Modeling (FIN 5440)
  • Financial Statement Analysis & Interpretation (FIN 5450)
  • Wealth Management (FIN 5460)
  • Essentials of Finance
  • Foundations of Accounting (ACC 5050)

Human Resource Management

The human resource management certificate is focused on people management and the development of soft skills required in business, specifically human resources. Students seeking certification from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) must complete 16 credits of coursework to align with the SHRM Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge competency framework. If a student is not seeking SHRM credentials, only 12 credits of coursework are required for this concentration.

  • Negotiations & Conflict Resolution (MGT 5340)
  • Diversity & Inclusion (MGT 5350)
  • Employment Law
  • Talent Acquisition & Performance Management
  • People Analytics (MGT 5410)


Taxation is a key sector in the accounting industry. Organizations are always looking for strategic ways to maximize revenue and minimize tax. By completing the taxation certificate students are introduced to advanced topics in taxation, and have the option to gain more specialized insight into either personal tax or corporate tax. Students will learn valuable tax planning and tax return preparation skills that will equip them with the knowledge to excel within a variety of industries. 

Choose 12 credits from the coursework below. Depending on the student’s background, Introduction to Federal Income Taxation (ACC 5080) and Taxation of Business Enterprises (ACC 5500) may be required.

  • Introduction to Federal Income Taxation (ACC 5080)
  • Tax Research, Procedures and Ethics (ACC 5330)
  • Taxation of Business Enterprises (ACC 5500)
  • Advanced Issues in Taxation
  • Wealth Management (FIN 5460)

Student Support Resources

Students in the Girard School of Business benefit from a dedicated success team. Support includes:

Support includes:

  • 1:1 advising and mentoring from faculty and program staff.
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning and Handshake.
  • Professional development workshops.
  • Math, writing and accessibility services through the Academic Success Center.
  • Career services support through the O’Brien Center for Career Development.

It’s Easy to Apply Online

A complete application includes:

  • Online application (no fee).
  • Official college transcripts from all institutions attended.
  • Resume.

GRE and GMAT scores are not required.

Key Dates and Deadlines

This program enrolls six times a year. Each term is eight weeks.

Application Deadline
Classes Begin
Summer II
Monday, June 17, 2024
Monday, July 1, 2024
Fall I
Monday, August 12, 2024
Monday, August 26, 2024
Fall II
Monday, October 7, 2024
Monday, October 21, 2024
Summer II
Application Deadline
Monday, June 17, 2024
Classes Begin
Monday, July 1, 2024
Fall I
Application Deadline
Monday, August 12, 2024
Classes Begin
Monday, August 26, 2024
Fall II
Application Deadline
Monday, October 7, 2024
Classes Begin
Monday, October 21, 2024

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