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12-Credit Concentrations in Key Management Areas

Choose From Six Management Certificates

For those who have already completed a Master’s degree, those who are unsure they want a Master’s degree but still want to advance their skill set, or those who want exposure to graduate classes that may be transferrable into a Master’s program, these concentrations are available as credit-bearing, stand-alone certificates.

These functional areas include 12-course credits that dive deeper into each business sector and can be pursued as a standalone certificate or as part of the Master of Science in Management:

The Business Analytics concentration will endow you with knowledge and skills in extracting decision-guiding insights out of complex data. You will be introduced to core elements of data management, preparation, analysis, visualization, and result interpretation and communication, in a theory-plus-application context.

Concentration Requirements:
Foundations of Data Management (Credits: 4)
Foundations of Statistical Analysis (Credits: 4)
Data Visualization: (Credits 4)

The Marketing Management concentration will provide you with a comprehensive and analytical understanding of how marketing impacts business decisions. You will gain insight into the marketing function and will be exposed to core elements such as marketing strategy, digital and social media marketing, marketing analytics, and how aspects of marketing contribute to practices of management.

Concentration Requirements:
Innovation and Trends in Marketing (Credits: 2)
Digital Marketing Implementation & Optimization (Credits: 2)
Driving Business Success with Marketing Analytics (Credits: 4)
Marketing Management & Strategy (Credits: 4)

This concentration offers a dual-focused management approach, combining theories and strategies around managing individuals while encompassing what is best for an entire organization. You will become adept in the core elements of leadership such as ethics, motivation, creativity, vision, managing teams, leading through change, and understanding and managing stakeholders. You will also learn how to integrate best practices to increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Concentration Requirements:
Responsibility & Integrity (Credits: 4)
Stakeholder Management (Credits: 4)

Choose two of the following:
Leading Effective Teams (Credits: 2)
Leading Organizational Change (Credits: 2)
Leading Creativity & Innovation (Credits: 2)

The Product Management concentration is designed to help graduates become specialists in creating and developing innovative products, seeing this process advance from the initial design of innovative solutions that meet customer needs to the successful production of products in the market. It will be aimed at equipping a diverse audience with the skills necessary to develop, launch, and successfully scale products and services in industries such as Life Sciences, Software/Web/Mobile, and Complex Technological Products.

Concentration Requirements:
New Product Development (Credits: 4)
Principles of Product Realization (Credits: 4)

Choose Two of the Following:
Must complete the concentration requirements listed above before selecting.
Design Thinking (Credits: 2)
Agile Project and Innovation Models (Credits: 2)
Innovation for Life Sciences (Credits: 2)
Innovation Models for Technological Products (Credits: 2)
Regulatory, Reimbursement, and IP Considerations in Life Sciences (Credits: 2)

Understanding and comprehending the language of finance and business performance is essential for professionals at any level within an organization. In the Quantitative & Digital Finance concentration, you will become familiar with topics such as corporate finance, quant and factor investing, and other innovative trends in the finance industry. The skills acquired will equip you to make sound financial decisions that affect individual organizations and society as a whole.

Concentration Requirements:
Corporate Finance and Valuation (Credits: 4)
Trends and Innovation in Finance (Credits: 4)
Quant and Factor Investing (Credits: 4)

In the Strategic Human Resource Management concentration, you will examine the critical role of achieving an organization’s strategic objectives as they relate to human capital. You will gain deep knowledge of topics related to negotiations, conflict resolution, maximizing organizational performance, and using analytics to make informed decisions in a diverse workplace. This concentration is excellent preparation for a career in human resources.

Concentration Requirements:
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Credits: 2)
Diversity and Inclusion (Credits: 2)
Human Resource Analytics (Credits: 4)
Aligning Strategy, People and Performance (Credits: 4)

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