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A woman sits at a desk and works on her computer.
Innovative technology is changing the accounting field. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, cloud computing, and other tech tools opens the door to optimizing many accounting tasks. These technologies have revolutionized businesses in every industry. Accountants must be technologically conversant to serve their clients’ accounting needs properly. In today’s business environment, accounting students […]
Two people in a business meeting, one with notepad, other with laptop.
A Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) greatly increases the chances of success for accountants who want to attain the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the field. The benefits of earning an MSA degree include enhanced career opportunities, the development of specialized skills, and preparation for the CPA exam. An MSA degree program attracts those who […]
A woman in a blazer works at a laptop with papers and a notebook on the desk beside her.
Insights from the Gerard School of Business Small business owners are used to wearing many hats. They are marketers, strategists, hiring managers, and product creators all rolled into one. What they are not, in most cases, are accountants. In today’s fast-moving entrepreneurial business world, accountants do more than balance the ledger and offer tax advice. […]
A computer mouse and a pen sit on top of a document with a bar chart and line graph on it.
Insights from the Girard School of Business. Earning a graduate accounting degree prepares accountants for the best jobs in the profession, including chief financial officer, strategic management accountant, and management analyst. In addition, an accounting degree can help you earn credits needed to become a certified public accountant. A Master’s Degree in Accounting can qualify you for many […]
An accountant looks off into the distance with an overlay of data in the foreground.
Insights from the Girard School of Business Many challenges face accountants in the future but none top the issues of integrating innovative technology into the profession and keeping up with the rapid pace of change.  Those are the findings of a recent survey conducted by Accounting Today. The trade magazine sought informed opinions on the biggest challenges facing accountants by talking with accounting firm leaders, accounting […]
A row of people in professional attire sit in chairs and fill out documents on a clipboard.
Insights from the Girard School of Business Success in accounting involves a mastery of the hard skills the job requires. However, employers also want those they hire to exhibit a strong set of soft skills that make them better collaborators, project managers, and organizational leaders. Investing the time and energy into developing accounting soft skills is […]
Person at a wooden desk calculating finances with stacks of coins and a calculator.
Insights from the Girard School of Business A master’s in accounting degree can help satisfy the 150-hour education requirement needed to sit for the CPA exam. It may also help fulfill continuing education hours needed for those who are already licensed CPAs in Massachusetts. It’s important to understand that earning an online Master of Science in Accounting doesn’t […]
A closeup shot of a person typing on a laptop with one hand and using a calculator with the other.
Insights from the Girard School of Business Online Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) programs offer working accountants a great deal of flexibility in how they earn their graduate degree. The question everyone must face is: Which online MSA program is right for me? Choosing the right online MSA program is largely a function of asking the right questions.  Some […]
A closeup of a hand using a stylus to point to data on a laptop screen.
Insights from the Girard School of Business Earning a designation as a Certified Public Accountant is a goal for many who enter the accounting field. While becoming a CPA is challenging, the rewards are high in terms of job satisfaction, security, promotion, and pay. Many who enter a master’s degree program in accounting have either become a CPA or are […]
A woman wearing glasses writes in a notebook with her laptop open beside her.
Insights from the Girard School of Business Accountants today have more control than ever over how they earn a graduate degree. The emergence of online learning has given students seeking a master’s degree in accounting a viable alternative to the traditional approach. Those who have decided to earn a master’s in accounting online degree often make that choice […]