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A man works at a laptop with an overlay of bar charts in the foreground.
Insights from the Girard School of Business Today’s accounting graduates are prepared for a variety of lucrative careers, each making use of the skills and knowledge provided by a high-quality master’s program. Earning a Masters of Science in Accounting can be a stepping stone to some of the best jobs in the industry. For professionals with a master’s degree, potential […]
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Insights from the Girard School of Business A corporate controller is a management position that involves overseeing the accounting operations for an organization, including payroll, budget, and financial reporting duties. A corporate controller typically reports directly to a company’s chief financial officer. A professional who wants to become a corporate controller typically works several years […]
Four miniature people stand on top of buttons on a calculator.
Insights from the Girard School of Business While a master’s degree program in accounting should not be considered a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam prep program, it can give you the tools you need to pass the CPA exam. That’s a big advantage, as earning a CPA can quickly boost an accountant’s career. There are […]
A man sits at a desk and works on his laptop.
Insights from the Girard School of Business  Earning a master’s degree in accounting online can boost your chances of earning a promotion and better pay preparing you to take on strategic leadership roles. Earning the degree online offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility with the ability to learn at one’s own pace with supportive services designed […]
A man in a suit holds a digital graphic of a line graph between his hands.
The definition of “stable job” should feature a picture of an accountant. It’s the rare profession that weathers most economic storms. In any society that uses money, a need will exist for people to keep track of where it’s coming in and where it’s going. Accounting jobs are notably stable in growth. That’s good news […]
A man sits at a coffee shop beside a stack of books and a laptop.
Insights from the Girard School of Business Accounting is a versatile field. No matter what happens in the economy, accountants remain in demand. Someone has to keep track of the money. For the more ambitious professionals entering the accounting field, a master’s degree in accounting can open all the right doors. In addition to more traditional accounting […]
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The technical aspects of accounting are well-known. So are the practical steps future accountants should take to learn those skills and earn the rewards for doing so. Earn a bachelor’s degree, then an MS in Accounting. Pass the CPA exam and/or pick a specialty like managerial accounting or internal auditing.  None of it is easy, but […]
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College graduates expect to leave school with skills appropriate for their chosen career path. However, the gap between what’s learned in the classroom and the skills employers really want can be large. That’s led to the emergence of employer-aligned programs that incorporate input from top employers into curriculum design. The goal is to produce graduates […]
Two interlocked gold gears, one with the word "Business" and the other with the word "Strategy" imprinted.
Accountant job descriptions are changing as the world of finance and technology progresses. Accountants increasingly play a key role in developing and implementing business strategy. Sometimes referred to as strategic management accounting, those in this area of the profession work with top executives on setting financial goals, creating strategy for acquisitions and mergers, and assessing […]
A closeup of a hand point to a transparent screen with the letters ROI surrounded by various digital symbols.
If you’re seeking a master’s degree in accounting, chances are you already work in the field or have an interest in securing employment in the field. So it’s no secret to you that the profession offers job security and strong salaries for those with a bachelor’s degree and Certified Public Accountant status. So why earn a […]