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A man smiles at the camera as he works on a laptop.
Merrimack offers three pathways for students interested in a career in product management. Learn which option is right for your professional and personal goals. Product Management is an in-demand field where every aspect of a product’s life cycle is conducted. Merrimack College offers three different pathways for students looking to enter or advance into the […]
A data scientist speaks to a group with screens containing global data behind her.
A thriving economy solves people’s problems. No system is perfect and sound decision-making is critical to navigating a challenging world. Earning a master’s degree in data science gives analysts and data professionals the skills essential in a transformative new century. We live in the age of big data, but without data management, analytics, and actionable […]
A man in a suit holds between his hands a digital graphic of the earth with leaves, solar panels, and windmills.
Profit is the motivating force behind any business. Indeed, without profit, a company’s longevity is in serious doubt. But corporate sustainability–in every sense of the word–is about more than quarterly earnings. In a complex world facing “wicked problems,” corporate responsibility, recognizing its social license to operate, is arguably just as important, if not more so. […]
A woman stands and speaks to a group of colleagues.
The challenges of middle management are nothing new, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult for the middle manager involved. The nature of the job requires deftly crossing and recrossing the line that separates leaders from followers, transitioning between leading employees and answering to senior-level leadership. The Harvard Business Review refers to the middle manager’s role […]
A woman sits at a desk and works on her computer.
A fine table requires the right tools to build. So it is with the hardware and software products we use and depend on every day. Like woodworkers’ tools used to produce fine furniture, product management tools allow talented product managers to build products that enhance and sometimes even save lives.  Successful product development is a complex, multi-dimensional […]
A woman stands in front of a conference room of colleagues presenting data on a large screen.
Driven to find better ways to manage operations during the economic challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders have increasingly turned to business analytics to better manage risk, fuel decision-making, and provide valuable insights into developing strategy. Business analytics has already provided the key to understanding, mitigating, and vaccinating against COVID-19. Now, executives want to better […]
A man in profile engages with four people on a video conference.
Business managers continue to feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in their personal and professional lives, with the shift to remote work ranking among the most significant. With many businesses preparing to allow some form of work-from-home indefinitely, expect continuing changes in the skills employers look for in managers. Traditional business skills remain important […]
A closeup of one hand using the trackpad of a laptop while the other hand uses a calculator.
A master’s degree in accounting gives graduates the skills necessary to succeed as managers in the profession. Students interested in a specific area of accounting can pursue coursework related to an accounting concentration. Employers often expect job candidates to have related degree specializations or professional experience in the area (or both). With data emerging as […]
A man in a suit sits at a desk and writes on a document in front of him.
Earning an MBA is long considered the go-to route for business professionals seeking leadership roles in their field. While that still holds true, MBA degrees aren’t as valuable as they once were. At the same time, degrees in specific areas of concentration are becoming more marketable, especially in highly specialized industries like accounting. For many […]
Three colleagues study the same desktop monitor screen.
Insights from the Girard School of Business and the School of Science and Engineering  For decades, demonstrating advanced qualifications for leadership roles in the business world rested on three letters: MBA. But given the cost, time, and barriers to entry of an MBA, it’s reasonable to ask: is it worth it? If not, is a Master […]