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A group of colleagues sit in a conference room with an overlay of a line graph in the foreground.
With the explosion in the use of data-driven strategies in organizations across every industry, it’s little wonder so many want to get into a data-related field. Of course, it’s important to know exactly which data-related field you want. Many people, including those who want to get into the industry, confuse business analyst with data scientist […]
A hand points to a graphic of a certificate while the other hand holds a tablet.
For those who want to start a career in data science or business analytics, it’s important to consider the level of educational attainment and the credentials you will need for success in these growing fields. Depending on the employer and the nature of the industry, job candidates will need at least a bachelor’s degree or […]
Several analysts study the same desktop monitor displaying code.
Businesses across the country and around the world look to make the most of data analytics. Big data offers a chance to greatly improve an operation and meet ambitious company goals opening choices for a data science career or a business analytics career. Which career path is right for you? These are the two most […]
A woman smiles as she shakes the hand of a man across the table.
An employer-aligned degree program offers many advantages over curriculum developed without direct input from industry professionals. Much like data science has changed how businesses operate, it is also changing the world of higher education. To endow students with the sought after skills, data science and business analytics programs must continue to evolve as rapidly as […]
A graphic of a high rise building showing a bank sign on the side of the building.
The data analytics revolution in the business world has also reached major banks. Of all the industries tapping into the power of analytics, few have seen immediate advantages like the banking industry. In a business governed by numbers, banking leaders have turned to data analysis in a number of key areas. These areas include predicting […]