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A man stands with his hands on his hips looking at a curved screen with data science icons on it.
We live in transformative times. While many define this as the digital age, the intersection of data science and product management suggests a new paradigm: the Age of Insight. In a  World Economic Forum article, Antonio Neri, President and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, argues that the COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for rapid change and the potential […]
Three product managers study a laptop screen.
You’re the creative sort. You enjoy making music with your friends, reading great novels, and even dabbling in a bit of writing yourself. Your technology skills are sharp, and your active imagination allows you to visualize new ways of thinking. You love to solve problems. It sounds like product management could be the perfect career for […]
Three product managers study documents containing data.
Product management provides an example of how traditional engineering disciplines have evolved, requiring team leaders in engineering to develop business, leadership, and technical skills. In the case of product management, professionals learn the best practices for managing people working on complex projects. Building a career in this unique field requires an education that focuses on […]
A woman in a blazer holds a pen and a notebook as she speaks to someone across the table from her.
The field of human resource management is evolving. HR employees and the HR department as a whole are critical to the success of any organization. What is appealing about the career path is working with people and focusing on their development. As an HR manager, you are a critical part of the team and key […]
Three product managers study data on a computer screen.
It’s an exciting time for product managers. Product management trends propel an ongoing digital transformation in our lives and work. A Salesforce article defines digital transformation as “using digital technologies to create new—or modify existing—business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.”  Without talented product managers and their expanding roles in nearly every sector, […]
A group of colleagues stand over a table working together on a project.
Product management is a relatively new field. The origin story of the profession remains open to debate. By most accounts, the genesis of product management was a memo written in 1931 by Neil H. McElroy. Working at the time for Proctor & Gamble as an ad campaign manager, McElroy outlined the duties of “Brand Men,” a term […]
A woman stands and speaks to a group of colleagues.
The challenges of middle management are nothing new, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult for the middle manager involved. The nature of the job requires deftly crossing and recrossing the line that separates leaders from followers, transitioning between leading employees and answering to senior-level leadership. The Harvard Business Review refers to the middle manager’s role […]
A woman sits at a desk and works on her computer.
A fine table requires the right tools to build. So it is with the hardware and software products we use and depend on every day. Like woodworkers’ tools used to produce fine furniture, product management tools allow talented product managers to build products that enhance and sometimes even save lives.  Successful product development is a complex, multi-dimensional […]
A woman holds a transparent tablet of graphs and charts.
How do the products we use every day come to fruition? Through the hard work of talented and skilled teams of professionals led by versatile, multiskilled product managers. Product management is a growing field. Commensurate with this growth is a change-making, challenging, and steadily evolving product manager career path. From healthcare and life sciences to high-tech, software, and […]
An aerial view of colleagues working together at a table with multiple laptops and notebooks.
Successful product development requires input from people with specialized skills from across a variety of business departments. The best cross-functional product team managers understand engineering and design, often working daily with people from those areas. But overseeing a product team requires a larger view and incorporation of ideas from areas as diverse as marketing, quality […]