Product management provides an example of how traditional engineering disciplines have evolved, requiring team leaders in engineering to develop business, leadership, and technical skills. In the case of product management, professionals learn the best practices for managing people working on complex projects.

Building a career in this unique field requires an education that focuses on developing a specific skill set. A Master of Science in Product Management helps students build these essential skills for successful project leadership. Competencies learned include problem-solving, communication, and the required technical knowledge.

According to Indeed, a master’s degree in product management is a good fit for those who “enjoy building things, leading projects and problem-solving.” The article emphasizes how a graduate degree prepares professionals for advanced product management jobs.

What Do You Learn in an MS in Product Management?

At Merrimack College, the online MS in Product Management offers the opportunity to gain the expertise needed to lead a modern, diverse team of engineers. Students advance their knowledge in product, technical, and marketing management. They also learn broader management skills that can help them improve their leadership skills.

Core focus areas in the program include business, data science and analytics, and product management. Students learn product management principles, including every phase of the product development cycle. They strengthen skills and knowledge in many crucial areas.

  • Identifying market friction points
  • Developing products to satisfy users’ needs
  • Developing specifications for a range of products
  • Creating marketing plans using data analytics tools
  • Building a business case for a product
  • Communicating technical, strategic, and entrepreneurial project goals

What An MS in Product Management Can Do For Your Career

The MS in Product Management program helps students develop an entrepreneurial focus when overseeing product teams. For working professionals aspiring to higher positions, earning an MS in Product Management can help them advance from team leadership to organizational leadership positions.

Master’s program graduates are strong job candidates for companies seeking engineers with multidisciplinary expertise in Agile and Lean, data-enabled technology, and business leadership. The combination of technical, management, and leadership abilities are in demand as engineers become more involved in creating products and services that impact society.

As students learn about strategic leadership, they also increase their earning potential. According to ZipRecruiter, the national average annual salary for those who earn a master’s degree in product management is $115,980.

An MS in Product Management works well for professionals motivated to advance their engineering careers. MSEM graduates understand the latest potential applications for data-driven technology and business theory in engineering.

Why Choose Merrimack’s MS in Product Management Program?

The 100% online MS in Product Management from Merrimack College features an engaging online learning environment that allows students to conveniently plan their studies around work/life demands. Faculty schedule the live sessions included in the program on weeknight evenings.

Part-time students can complete the program in 16-24 months. Merrimack does not require a GMAT/GRE for the program. Students in the program are eligible for financial aid.

Merrimack College aligns its master’s degree in product management program with the needs of multiple industries, allowing students to learn key concepts that organizations seek in a team leader. Merrimack College also emphasizes experiential learning, engaging students with course concepts that provide hands-on experience.

Graduates from the Merrimack program are prepared for jobs like senior product manager, program manager/director, product development manager /director, and product marketing manager.