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The Impact of Innovative Technology and AI in Accounting

Innovative technology is changing the accounting field. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, cloud computing, and other tech tools opens the door to optimizing many accounting tasks. These technologies have revolutionized businesses in every industry. Accountants must be technologically conversant to serve their

EdTech Innovation in the Modern Classroom

All college students face physical and mental wellness challenges, especially in their first year or during those stressful stretches leading to midterms or final exams. Online adult college students must manage those same challenges and some unique issues specific to a remote learning environment. Fortunately,

EdTech Innovation in the Modern Classroom

Reading, writing, and arithmetic. No learning is possible without a fundamental basis in the quintessential “three Rs.” Technology, even if rudimentary, has always supported students as they learn to read, write, multiply and divide--and perhaps eventually find a cure for cancer. The extent of modern

How to Pay for College

The commitment to earn a college education ranks among the most impactful life choices a person will make. Many may feel overwhelmed with the financial aspect of attending college, but they have multiple options available to reduce costs. The following methods for finding college financial

Cognitive Diversity in Education

All modern curriculum designers consider the cognitive diversity and neurodiversity found in a student population when creating lesson plans. It’s an approach that has changed how education treats students from different cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and people with conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Educators use

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