Teacher Education

How to Become a Kindergarten Teacher

Decades of research has shown the importance of early childhood education in a student’s academic skill development. Children in high-quality kindergarten through Grade 2 programs have an increased level of preparedness for later learning and reap the benefits well into their adult years. The essential

How to Make a Career Change to Teaching

A career change to teaching is an attractive option for professionals who feel uninspired by their original career choice. One reason is that teaching is a gratifying profession making a positive impact on the lives of others. Many who start in non-teaching careers often feel

How to Pay for College

The commitment to earn a college education ranks among the most impactful life choices a person will make. Many may feel overwhelmed with the financial aspect of attending college, but they have multiple options available to reduce costs. The following methods for finding college financial

Effective Classroom Teaching Strategies

Classrooms bring together students with a variety of backgrounds and learning abilities. Part of success as an educator involves devising effective teaching strategies that allow them to meet the needs of every individual student in the classroom. Experienced teachers know that there’s no all-encompassing, universal

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