FlexProfessionals, in partnership with Merrimack College, has developed a 12-week, asynchronous Accounting for Small Business Certification course to help clients fill transactional bookkeeping positions.

Launched in 2010, FlexProfessionals connects its clients with talented professionals seeking part-time work. They deliver a highly qualified talent pool for employers who embrace a flexible and diverse workplace.

The accounting course trains people to work for small businesses that often face a shortage of accountants and bookkeepers as the flow of people into these professions slows and an aging workforce begins to retire. The number of students entering accounting has fallen by 9% in the past decade.

FlexProfessionals recommends that businesses take a variety of steps to counter the problem, including developing transactional bookkeepers. That’s where the Merrimack College program is making a difference by teaching students basic bookkeeping and accounting skills. Graduates from the program are already working or are available to start supporting small businesses.

To read more, including a success story involving a graduate from the Accounting for Small Business Certification course working for a health tech start-up, see the full story from FlexProfessionals.