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A teacher stands in the front of a classroom and smiles at a student who has her hand raised.
The best teachers share the same qualities as great leaders: clear communication, adaptability, patience, and acting as role models. Perhaps above all, great teachers love learning and are dedicated to classroom strategies that engage and inspire their students. For educators committed to earning a graduate degree in education, it can seem daunting to serve in such […]
A teacher helps two students with an assignment.
None of the many factors influencing student outcomes in U.S. classrooms are as crucial as teachers. Demand for highly qualified teachers makes this an exciting time in the teaching profession. Educators with the proper training play a critical role in student success in the short and long term. The influence of well-trained teachers highlights the […]
A woman smiles as she shakes the hand of the man in front of her.
A college degree qualifies graduates for higher-level jobs while also expanding and strengthening the hard and soft skills essential for success. A business degree accomplishes these goals, preparing graduates for the next step up in their business careers. Working adults returning to school and enrolling in a bachelor’s completion program can choose a business studies concentration. Students […]
A teacher works one on one with an elementary school student.
While the dedication to students is the same wherever teachers work, the support and rewards educators receive can vary significantly from state to state. Massachusetts has long been a magnet for the best teachers, which ranks highly for teacher support, student outcomes, and quality of life. The state also ranks at or near the top […]
One adult with a clipboard speaks to a parent and a teenager sitting on a couch.
The growing need nationwide for those with expertise in child and family studies has led to a rapid expansion in the number of jobs available for college graduates. Working adults who complete their bachelor’s degree specializing in this critical field enjoy various career options. Those careers span many work environments, including child care services, nursing […]
A man wearing glasses writes in a notebook beside an open laptop.
The decision to transition to a new career is a difficult one to make. Even those dissatisfied in their current job may resist making a change out of concern it will prove too difficult. Fortunately, modern college degree programs make a career transition much less complicated than in the past. Online learning has changed the […]
A man wearing glasses writes the words Design Thinking on a transparent screen.
Understanding design thinking is a critical component in successful product development and management. Design thinking puts people first, helping product managers and teams incorporate the end user’s needs throughout the product development cycle. Many well-known tech companies, including Google and Apple, use design thinking. However, the concepts involved with design thinking are used across many […]
A group of professionals gather around a table discussing information on the paperwork they're studying.
Not all graduate students in a Master of Education program have a classroom in mind as their final career destination. The skills and knowledge gained in an M.Ed. program can open the door to many different careers for educators ready to take their next career steps beyond the classroom. What can you do with a […]
A closeup of hands typing on a laptop with an overlay of healthcare-related icons in the foreground.
In the digital age, product management is the organizing principle for bringing quality, user-focused products to market. In no industry is a well-defined and executed product development framework more critical than in life sciences.   Product manager jobs in life sciences oblige a unique multidisciplinary skill set and knowledge base. This expertise reflects the unique human impact, regulatory complexity, and […]
A digital rendering of a city skyline with an overlay of connected lines and dots in the foreground.
Merrimack College offers 100% Online Data Science, Business Analytics, and Computer Science programs that are built with you in mind. Our approach is industry-aligned so you will be ready to advance your career or confidently seek a new professional direction. We have consulted industry leaders in the design of our advanced degrees and courses are […]