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A man stands with his hands on his hips looking at a curved screen with data science icons on it.
We live in transformative times. While many define this as the digital age, the intersection of data science and product management suggests a new paradigm: the Age of Insight. In a  World Economic Forum article, Antonio Neri, President and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, argues that the COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for rapid change and the potential […]
A person's hand casting a ballot with the word 'VOTE' in red letters into a clear ballot box, symbolizing participation in an election.
On November 8th, Massachusetts voters will decide on Ballot initiative 2. If approved the decision will let state education officials expand or open up to 12 new schools a year. It will also eliminate the current cap of 120 schools statewide. Passing this initiative could double the number of existing charter schools in as little […]
Two product management professionals study a computer screen that is using artifical intelligence to help solve a problem.
AI-driven technology continues to expand in all business sectors, allowing faster and more insightful data analysis on internal processes, product development, and customer behaviors and preferences. AI is increasingly useful for product managers when applied to product development teams and continuous process improvement. The adoption of AI is accelerating. A recent McKinsey & Co. “State […]
A smiling teacher crouches beside two students working on tablets.
Across the state of Massachusetts, teachers provide a significant impact on formal education, with quality instruction being a crucial component to student learning. Teacher knowledge, practice and instruction methodology can have considerable influence on how students learn and progress in their studies. As a first source of information – and with a significant amount of […]
A teacher reads a book to a classroom of young children.
Decades of research has shown the importance of early childhood education in a student’s academic skill development. Children in high-quality kindergarten through Grade 2 programs have an increased level of preparedness for later learning and reap the benefits well into their adult years. The essential nature of a good kindergarten program in a child’s development […]
A teacher points to a classroom full of students with their hands raised.
Successful leadership in education starts by working directly with students in the classroom. Teachers accumulate years of experience and knowledge on effective educational strategies, tools, and techniques. With this experience, many educators increase their impact when they move into more broadly influential roles within their schools or school districts. Some eventually leave the classroom for administrative positions, […]
A teacher smiles at a student who has her hand raised in a classroom.
A career change to teaching is an attractive option for professionals who feel uninspired by their original career choice. One reason is that teaching is a gratifying profession making a positive impact on the lives of others. Many who start in non-teaching careers often feel the pull toward education after getting a taste of teaching […]
Three product managers study a laptop screen.
You’re the creative sort. You enjoy making music with your friends, reading great novels, and even dabbling in a bit of writing yourself. Your technology skills are sharp, and your active imagination allows you to visualize new ways of thinking. You love to solve problems. It sounds like product management could be the perfect career for […]
Three product managers study documents containing data.
Product management provides an example of how traditional engineering disciplines have evolved, requiring team leaders in engineering to develop business, leadership, and technical skills. In the case of product management, professionals learn the best practices for managing people working on complex projects. Building a career in this unique field requires an education that focuses on […]
A data scientist speaks to a group with screens containing global data behind her.
A thriving economy solves people’s problems. No system is perfect and sound decision-making is critical to navigating a challenging world. Earning a master’s degree in data science gives analysts and data professionals the skills essential in a transformative new century. We live in the age of big data, but without data management, analytics, and actionable […]