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Bachelor Degree Completion

A man wearing glasses writes in a notebook beside an open laptop.
The decision to transition to a new career is a difficult one to make. Even those dissatisfied in their current job may resist making a change out of concern it will prove too difficult. Fortunately, modern college degree programs make a career transition much less complicated than in the past. Online learning has changed the […]
A man wearing a cap and gown and holding a diploma waves at a laptop screen.
Completing a bachelor’s degree opens the door to promotions, better pay, and smoother career transitions. The emergence of online bachelor’s degree programs makes the process even more accessible, with working adults benefiting from the flexibility an online program offers. Merrimack College’s Pathways Bachelor Degree Completion program offers the benefits of an online program designed with […]
A closeup shot of hands using a calculator and holding a piece of paper with a graduation cap on it.
The commitment to earn a college education ranks among the most impactful life choices a person will make. Many may feel overwhelmed with the financial aspect of attending college, but they have multiple options available to reduce costs. The following methods for finding college financial support apply to students fresh out of high school and […]
A woman in silhouette stands in a field of grass with her arms fully extended.
For most of us, health studies may not rise to the top of our to-do lists. In a rush to meet our daily responsibilities, build a career, and grow a family, it is too easy to ignore our health, let alone the implications of health policy in our society.  Nonetheless, our health and well-being are […]
A man sits at a wooden table with a cup of coffee while he works on his laptop.
Millions of people enter the workforce each year. Not all of them choose the right career the first time around. Whether a current industry faces economic constraints, or a job no longer excites the passion it once did, many people decide they want a career change after 30. In a modern workforce where technology-driven disruption […]
A woman speaks on the phone in the midst of stacks of papers, binders, an additional landline phone, and crumpled up pieces of paper.
Education is arguably one of the best investments you can make with your time, money, and effort. Then again, so is family life and the pursuit of a career. How can we manage competing priorities and maintain a healthy, happy school-life balance? Finding that right balance is a worthy, even joyful, challenge. Going back to school as […]
A closeup of one hand writing notes in a notebook while the other hand rests on the trackpad of a laptop.
Moving from the traditional classroom to an online environment can be a challenge. But many students quickly discover that going back to college to earn a bachelor degree online is easier than they thought. Successful online students are those that commit to their success by adopting the habits and environment required for achieving their goals. Students can benefit […]
A woman wearing glasses and holding a pen looks at her laptop screen.
Every adult learner considering returning to college has a unique story about why they did not finish their undergraduate degree. What unites them is the drive to complete what they started, reaping the personal and professional rewards that come with earning a college degree and adding it to their resume. For those thinking about returning […]
Many accomplished professionals enter the workforce without a bachelor’s degree. For a variety of reasons, they earned college credit but left the program before finishing. However, that’s not the end of their educational story. An estimated 36 million people in the United States in the past three decades have earned some college credit, but not a four-year […]