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Finish Your Bachelor’s Degree Online at Merrimack College

October 28, 2020

Many accomplished professionals enter the workforce without a bachelor’s degree. For a variety of reasons, they earned college credit but left the program before finishing. However, that’s not the end of their educational story.

An estimated 36 million people in the United States in the past three decades have earned some college credit, but not a four-year degree. But millions eventually return to school, knowing a bachelor’s degree can make a significant impact on their career trajectory.

Merrimack College designed its bachelor degree completion programs with working adults in mind. Offered online, the Pathway Bachelor Degree Completion program gives working adults the chance to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences while maintaining their current job.

A private college with a long history of innovative online programs, Merrimack College designed a bachelor degree completion program that leverages all the benefits of online learning. The infographic below highlights some advantages the Pathway Bachelor Degree Completion program offers.

Career-Driven Degree Specializations

Students have the option of completing their bachelor degree while specializing in specific career areas, including business studies, communication studies, health and wellness studies, and psychology studies.  In consultation with faculty, they can also design their own specialization. The curriculum includes three core courses designed to prepare students with the most in-demand workforce skills.

Credit for Work Experience and Prior Learning

Students in the Pathway Bachelor Degree Completion program receive credit for their experience in the workplace by demonstrating their expertise in specific subjects. They also may receive credit for past classes taken. With Merrimack College’s credit transfer policy, students may reduce tuition costs and class load.

Straightforward Bachelor’s Degree Tuition

Merrimack College has developed a three-tier tuition payment structure with a simple, affordable payment plan option. The program was designed for working adults who have other financial commitments and need a straightforward, affordable tuition plan to complete their degree.

Personal Success Coaching and Career Counseling

Merrimack College makes it a priority to give students all the support they need to earn their degree. Each student in the Pathway Bachelor Degree Completion program works with a personal success coach who helps them with finding resources and being their advocate throughout their program.   Students also have the option to receive career counseling as they move through the program.

Flexible Self-Paced Learning

Merrimack College designs online programs that allow students to view content no matter which device they use, including smartphones, laptops, and iPads. The flexibility of online learning gives working professionals the chance to complete their bachelor degree while maintaining their current jobs and busy personal schedules.

Why Finish Your Bachelor’s Degree Online?

Many professional jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Those who have earned a bachelor’s degree hold about 25% of all jobs in the United States, with another 15% held by those with a master’s degree, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. They also report that projections for 2027 call for “fewer jobs for people with some college and no degree.”

Recently updated salary figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show the financial impact of earning a degree. Data from 2019 shows that those with a bachelor’s degree earn a median weekly income of $1,248, while those with an associate degree earned $887. Those with “some college, no degree” earned $833 per week.

Clearly, earning a bachelor’s degree remains highly valued by employers. Earning a college degree shows a high level of both technical and interpersonal skills, as well as strong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Just as importantly, earning a bachelor’s degree marks an important milestone and personal accomplishment in students’ lives. With the convenience of online learning, there’s never been a better time for working professionals to return to school and finish their degree.