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The Importance of Teachers in Our Society

October 5, 2018

In many professions, it’s easy to overstate the importance of the job. But in the case of our educators, it’s more likely that people will underestimate the importance of teachers in our society. 

For those who have dedicated their lives to teaching others, it’s good to reflect on the vital importance well-educated, quality teachers play in shaping the world around us.  

Taking on the task of shaping young minds is a big responsibility. To say that teachers can change lives is not an exaggeration. Consider some of the following vital roles that truly illustrate the importance of teachers. 

Importance of Teachers as Role Models 

It’s interesting that so much public debate centers around celebrities, athletes and even politicians serving as role models. The truth is, outside of their own home, one of the biggest role models in a young person’s life is standing at the front of the classroom.  

Teachers are people to look up to and emulate. Nearly everyone has a teacher (in many cases, quite a few teachers) who they admired and who provided them with an example of how to conduct themselves. 

Power of Education 

Teaching students information in a way that they will remember and put to use is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give to another person. Doing so opens students’ eyes to new ways of looking at life. While so much emphasis today is on learning the hard skills necessary to excel in a certain profession – particularly in the postsecondary environment – much of the “life-changing stuff” happens in the younger years as children accumulate knowledge at the hands of a good teacher. 


Yes, schools have guidance counselors. But almost every teacher will find themselves approached by students in one way or the other. They seek advice on everything from academic interests to issues related to their personal lives. Within the classroom, teachers also serve as a sounding board for students’ thoughts on everything from historical events to the meaning found in a literary work. Teachers also provide guidance on pursuing higher education and participating in events that encourage growth in a young person. The importance of teachers as guides for children as they consider furthering their education is immeasurable.


The best teachers also inspire their students to work harder and push themselves. They encourage students to understand the importance of dedicating themselves to passion projects or endeavors. And success builds upon success. The more a student pushes themselves to accomplish their goals, the more they realize what they are capable of doing. 

How can anyone put a value on something like that? 

Teaching can be a tough, complex job. As with any profession, there are days that are hard to get through. But for those who have committed their lives to the profession, they are joining the ranks of some of the brightest minds – and most important people – that students will come across in their lives. 

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