Passing the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure is one of the major steps for every teacher in the state. It’s a mandatory test that demonstrates a teacher’s expertise in the subject matter of their chosen teaching area, as well as an ability to communicate and read with comprehension.

The MTEL, put in place in 1998, is part of a change in Massachusetts that elevated an already good school system into one of the best in the country.

For this reason, MTEL prep is part of the online master’s in education programs at Merrimack College. MTEL prep is crucial for teachers in all subject areas, including the three offered through Merrimack College:

  • Elementary Education – Initial License
  • English as a Second Language – Initial Licensure and Add-On License
  • Moderate Disabilities – Initial Licensure and Add-On License

MTEL prep is both part of the curriculum and is provided as a diagnostic exam to help you know where to focus your study time.

How the MTEL Works

Why is MTEL prep so important? Because in Massachusetts, it’s the mandated pathway to becoming a teacher in the state. For example, to apply for an Initial License, you must first complete a state-approved teacher preparation program. During this time, you also take your MTEL exams. Your program advisor can help you determine the best time to take each required exam. Once you pass all of the required MTEL exams, you can then complete your practicum, which is your student teaching on-ground experience.

Why the MTEL

MTEL prep is a key component to becoming a teacher in Massachusetts. While the requirements are high, so are the benefits. Teachers in Massachusetts typically make more than teachers in just about every other part of the country. They also enjoy working in an educational system that has lofty standards not only for what is taught but also who is doing the teaching.