Insights from the Girard School of Business

Deciding to earn a master’s degree takes time and commitment. It can seem particularly hard in a demanding profession such as accounting, where finding the time to attend classes might seem almost impossible while also balancing the demands of a job.

Lately, online Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) programs have provided new, accessible opportunities. The evolution of online learning systems has given students the ability to earn a degree that is the same in quality and experience to an on-ground program. At the same time, online degree programs allow for a great deal more flexibility.

Advantages of an Online MSA

Employers now view degrees earned online with the same respect as degrees earned in a traditional setting. An online MSA simply makes earning a degree more convenient, while offering the same rigorous content and curriculum delivered in a classroom. The features of Merrimack College’s online MSA highlights the advantages accountants will enjoy by earning their degree online:

  • Ability to earn a master’s degree in just 16 months
  • Or, self=paced study (up to five years) to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals
  • Eliminates commuting time to campus
  • Ability to communicate with professors and fellow students through online communication channels
  • 32-credit program, with each class lasting  four weeks (2 credits) or eight weeks (4 credits)

The online MSA from Merrimack College prepares accountants for leadership. Courses in the degree program include Effective Managerial Communication; Competition, Innovation, and Strategic Advantage; Professional Ethics; and Professional Skills.

Help Along the Way

Personalized service is a priority at Merrimack College, and it shows in how we treat students in online programs. Merrimack provides hands-on customer service for students, starting from when they inquire about a program until they graduate from the program.

Merrimack College develops a customized curriculum plan for each graduate student in the online MSA program. This helps students focus on steps needed to complete their program, as well as identifying opportunities to take additional courses during a term if time allows, accelerating graduation plans.

Merrimack College also prepares students to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination and provides individualized coaching to ensure students stay on track for degree completion.

Why Earn a Master’s Degree? 

Why apply for an online MSA program and earn a master’s degree? It’s a question every accountant must consider and there are many advantages to completing a graduate-level program. A master’s degree better prepares ambitious accountants for taking on management or even executive-level jobs such as chief financial officer. Overall, those with master’s degrees tend to earn more than those with bachelor’s degrees. A master’s degree program also qualifies you to take the CPA exam, a key step for any accountant who wants to reach the peak of their profession.

Earning an online MSA offers graduates the opportunity to earn top jobs in accounting. And, with the flexibility and convenience offered through an online program, earning a graduate degree in accounting is more attractive than ever before.